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Wanna perform?

Our Virtual Performance Course could suit your needs!

Motion Mill during the pandemic

 Currently, We are offering online Personal Training & Private Dance class packages and also group workout & fitness & dance classes as well as subscription to our Exclusive video channel where you can view the weekly updated new workout, flexibility & dance videos and tutorials so you can do them in the comfort of your home and own schedule. 


All of our LIVE group classes are operated on Zoom and we make sure there are not too many people so Suzy can provide continuous  constructive feedback to the participants. Occasionally, specialised workshops (such as Floorwork, chair dance or Beyoncé etc.) also scheduled in so make sure to sign up to the newsletter to not to miss the next one.

How the Classes Will Run?

The teacher will login and start the 'Meeting' as they are called on Zoom 10mins before the scheduled start time, at which time you are free to join and have your own audio/video on or off and if you have any questions for me, need any help or just in general want to chat, we can do that. Once the teacher begin to teach the class itself she will turn everyone's microphones off so that my microphone will not interfere with other noises. During the session there will be some question times (sometimes less sometimes more, depending on classes) and also at the end of the session the teacher will open it up again so that you may join in with your audio if you wish.

This will be a judgement free zone, so if you want to join me from home in your pjs with your washing hanging up in the background, please feel free, but you will have the power to turn off your camera at anytime, should you wish. ;)

Check out HERE my current classes and If you would like to sign up don’t hesitate

Motion Mill & Suzanna Molnár

Motion Mill is an international wellness and well-being brand that makes, and inspires the mastery of, meaningful self-expression.

Launched in February 2019 by founder and director, Suzanna Molnár, it usually runs two burlesque companies, burlesque beginner courses, private events, hen and birthday parties, UK and international workshops and retreats.

Born in Hungary, Suzanna was just three year’s old when she started to dance. She began competing at the National Championships at age seven, and won several first places in the Nationals, before finishing third at the World Championship.

At the age of 18, she was hired as a solo dancer on the European Tour of the Broadway Dance Company for a year. After this, she moved to Asia to become a successful soloist amongst 200 other dancers in Everland, South Korea, one of the world’s largest theme parks.


Suzanna completed the IDTA freestyle dance teacher qualification in the UK and gained her MA in Dance Technique Pedagogy at Middlesex University. The subject of her final thesis was ‘Dancing through emotions’ which is the primary focus of Suzanna’s interest in dance and very much reflected through her teaching style. She is passionate about the fact that dance can change lives.  

Her previous role was Head of Commercial & World Dance at City Academy, where she worked for seven years and started out as an elementary dance teacher. During this period Suzanna launched two burlesque companies - both comprised of women who are professional executives by day and theatrical showgirls by night!


They have to-date delivered four highly successful showcases at The Hippodrome in London’s West End and at Clapham Grand. These shows present a unique offering: a vibrant two-hour showcase, on a globally acclaimed stage, where the artists perform real burlesque dance technique, in a dazzling display with show-stopping costumes, seducing the audience – and all without shedding a cloth!

Burlesque continues to experience a real renaissance. And we’ve recently seen an exceptional focus on female freedom of expression as a result of the ‘Me Too movement.’ At Motion Mill Arts we practice a more traditional cabaret style burlesque that takes inspiration from the original burlesque acts that centred around tease and little touch of comedy. We don’t take our clothes off but we’re not afraid to show a little skin!



Motion Mill runs adult dance classes mostly in central London.

Please see some of our course/class locations.

  • RADA - Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts

  • The Place

  • Flow Dance

  • St. Marylebone School

  • City Sport

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