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We like to think of our services as life-changing. If you want to learn more about our clients’ past experiences and the amazing results they’ve achieved check, out some of their testimonials below!


“I've had more constructive feedback in a few weeks than in all the years of other classes put together”​


"I really liked Suzy's style / teaching. She weaved in little life lessons throughout and encouraged us to grow in confidence."


"Suzy is the perfect balance of highly motivating; knowing exactly when to push or not; extremely supportive and encouraging - and great fun. I am amazed, and delighted, by how much I’ve improved and progressed in a relatively short time, and how enjoyable and rewarding my weekly workouts have been. This is something I’ve gone from hating & avoiding in the past to now wanting to keep up for the long term as the results are totally worth it."



"Very professional and charismatic and engaging. And has the ability to support, inspire and motivate the class. Excellent!"

"This is the first dance class where I don't look at my watch!"


"Suzanna Molnar is the best and the most professional dance teacher I have ever met. From week to week I have improved my technique and learned how to express my feelings through dancing. Suzanna is a great dance teacher, but she is also a good actress. She teaches us how to use some poses and gestures in dancing, how to feel it and play with the audience. I have taken a lot of dance classes in London, but she is absolutely my favourite teacher."


"I had some dreadful eating habits prior to signing up with Suzy, but have received the best nutritional advice, along with an achievable eating plan to help me break these. Overall, I feel healthier, happier, fitter, stronger, have more energy, better sleeping habits, and most of all, a great feeling of achievement. And this is all thanks to Suzy & her expertise, drive & positivity, I genuinely don’t believe I could have come this far with anyone else."

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