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We have the honor to be one of the launching members of MiniTV, the new branch of StageYou. MiniTV is an intuitive platform that subscribers will love. It contains many series of different dance & fitness classes, techniques and more. Each week it is updated with new videos and subscribers can enjoy the 24/7 limitless access to all videos on Motion Mill Channel.



Any device, Any location, Anytime. Whenever you are ready! MiniTV is up in the clouds. No downloading or installing required.

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What are the key benefits?






Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get unlimited classes, or only some of them?
You get unlimited access to our entire catalog.

Are these live classes, and is there a schedule?

All of our classes are pre-recorded.  However we do live classes too, you can view and book my current classes here:

Will the old classes get deleted, or are they there forever?
We don’t plan on deleting any of the old classes. You will have access to all of them as long as you have an active subscription plan.

Is there a way to sign up for only 1 month?
You can sign up for our monthly plan, and if you decide that you only want to do one month, you can cancel at any time.

How many new classes are there each month?
Currently with the global pandemic, we are uploading about 2 hours of videos (3-4) new classes  weekly to give people as much value for the price as we possibly can while they are stuck at home.

Is your service available in my country?
Our service is available worldwide! However, a handful of countries and internet service providers might block either our site, or UK websites in general.  If you are having trouble viewing our site, consider trying a VPN service.

How can I download the classes for offline use?
While you can’t download a file, you can pre-load the files onto your iPhone using the iPhone app.

Do you have single class purchases?
We don’t currently have single class purchases, but if we did we’d probably charge the same amount for 1 class as we are charging for the monthly subscription. If you are interested in only 1 specific class, you can always sign up for the monthly plan and cancel later if no other classes are of interest.

Can I post myself doing the choreography on Instagram?
Sure! We’d actually love for you to do so.  Just make sure to tag the choreographer as well as @motion_mill so we can see your progress!

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