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We are delighted to let you know that we are all set and ready to go with live streaming of our classes, so that you can join in and get your dance and workout fix from the comfort and safety of your home. 

Sit Ups

It's quite difficult times to go to gyms but the healthy lifestyle should be still the priority even if we cannot socialise.   We have great affordable packages for all needs! You want more attention, or just ideas for different exercises to not get bored at home?

check our packages and ask if you are not sure which one suits you the most.

Sport Apparel

We know these times are hard for everyone and want to make sure we do not let down any of you. therefore our weekly classes are donation based so you pay what you can afford.

It does not matter where you are, join us for LIVE virtual classes online. The teacher will be able to teach you, guide you and correct you when needed. Dance helps too keep us healthy and entertained!

motion mill tv.jpg

Motion Mill TV is an intuitive platform that subscribers will love. It contains many series of different dance & fitness classes, techniques and more.

Any device, Any location, Anytime. Whenever you are ready! Motion Mill TV is up in the clouds. No downloading or installing required.

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Whether you wish to have a faster progression in dance or aiming to become a professional dancer or just wish to have undivided attention , private dance classes are the best to achieve your goals.


Wish to have a virtual dance or workout with your friends? - NO PROBLEM! We have got you covered! Check out our packages (prices from £16/HOUR) and in case you do not find what you are looking for, don't hesitate to contact us.

Book your FREE introductory class when we can talk about your personal goals and ways to get there.

Fit Woman


Regardless of your goal, your level of fitness, or your hectic schedule, we will develop a workout structure and guidance to ensure you achieve your objectives, build your confidence, and grow to be a happier and healthier you.

Currently, we are offering online Personal Training packages and also group workout & fitness classes as well as subscription to our channel where you can view the weekly updated new workout videos and tutorials and do them in the comfort of your home and own schedule. 

Book your FREE introductory class when we can talk about your personal goals and ways to get there.

Squat Workout


Every Tuesday evening

Get Fit & Flexible in the comfort of your home! 60 minutes online dance workout & flexibility  where we focus on the major muscles to increase strength and flexibility.


ONLINE BURLESQUE  - Every Tuesday evening

Burlesque classes are sassy and brings out the feminine side of yours! it will help with your confidence and also will bring joy into your life.

Our burlesque classes is all about fun while you learn dance technique, posture, improve your cardio fitness, coordination and most of all your confidence!


ONLINE FLEXIBILITY  - Every Wednesday evening

Flexibility is part of our lives even as an everyday person but when it is comes to dancing it is even more important.

According to Healthline "Increasing your flexibility is right up there with cardiovascular health and strength training when it comes to staying fit and healthy." ...and we cannot agree more!

Join our weekly flexibility class where we will focus on improving not only the muscles that we use in our everyday life but also on extra dancer staff such as splits.


Woman Stretching


"This is the first dance class where I don't look at my watch!"

Confident Woman


"Very professional and charismatic and engaging. And has the ability to support, inspire and motivate the class. Excellent!"

Smiling Woman


​“I've had more constructive feedback in a few weeks than in all the years of other classes put together”​

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